PHI - WLU Club of Computing, Physics and Mathematics

Social events, Intramurals, and Academic Talks

About Us

PHI is a WLU club geared towards students in Computer Science, Physics, and Math. Our main objectives are to enrich and enhance students' academic experiences as well as foster a sense of community through social events.

PHI realizes that simply going to class is not always the best way to learn. A sense of academic spirit in the department is what drives students to go beyond what they learn in class, to learn more, and to apply it.

It is this spirit that PHI wants to create. We also realize that students need a way to connect with their peers outside of school on a purely social basis to create friendships and to pursue and create other interests. PHI enables students to get together and have fun in many different social atmospheres.

What PHI Can Offer You


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LAN Parties



Pi Day




News and Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events, Stay tuned for updates!